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LightningBolt 3.5 Battery Pack

LightningBolt 3.5 Battery Pack

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Introducing another addition to the LightningBolt wireless battery line — the LightningBolt 3.5mm.

This new, wireless solution is compatible with most machines that use a 3.5mm input source/connector. Now, there are even more ways to join the Wireless Revolution.

Immerse yourself in art with a wireless tattoo battery pack that turns your tattoo machine wireless

Perfect for the traveling tattoo artist or when you attend a tradeshow

An average of 5-6 hours of battery life, dependent on functional preferences*.
*needle resistance, machine speed (voltage/hertz), and stroke.

Charge your battery pack in any USB-C port, including your car, airport, or from your laptop.

Software and hardware work seamlessly together to provide you the best experience

Operates from 5 volts to a maximum of 12 volts

Only 3 buttons that allow you to check the battery, enable Bluetooth, increase and decrease the voltage, check battery life and turn off/on
LED color indicator lights allow you to monitor your voltage and battery life

Good things come in small, powerful packages, LightningBolt UNI weights only 58g (2 oz)


The LightningBolt 3.5 Battery Pack Manual contains all the technical specifications and features of the machine.

Download the LightningBolt 3.5 Battery Pack User Manual (PDF)


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